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High 20 Steps to Increase Bottle Gourd Yield: Methods to Enhance Manufacturing, Measurement, and High quality

Bottle Gourd is often known as “Calabash” or “Lauki” and belongs to the “Cucurbitaceae” household. It’s an annual climbing vine with great progress. The plant has white flowers with fleshy and Bottle-shaped fruits. Bottle Gourd is normally a winter crop, probably tropical or subtropical, Lagenaria Vulgaris, wealthy in carotene, calcium, and vitamin C.

Steps to Boost Bottle Gourd Yield
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It’s the healthiest and most versatile vegetable, stuffed with water (about 92%) and minerals, and retains the physique hydrated. It has a number of well being advantages, is simple to develop, and tolerates excessive temperatures; it is a wonderful vegetable for Indian summers. Under are the steps relating to easy methods to enhance Bottle Gourd yield;

High 20 steps to spice up Bottle Gourd yield

Step 1: Choose excessive yield Bottle Gourd varieties

Excessive yield Bottle Gourd varieties are ‘Pusa Santushti,’ Pusa aveen, Pusa Hybrid-3, Vinayak, CO 1, Pusa Summer season Prolific lengthy, Pusa, Summer season Prolific Spherical, Pusa Manjari, Pusa Megdoot, Khetlau, and Hazari. Some  

Another varieties are;

Kashi Kundal (VRBOG-16) – It’s a pretty pear-shaped inexperienced fruit, medium-sized, appropriate for sowing from July to September. The variety of fruits is 12-14, with a mean fruit of 1.3 to 1.5 kg. Downy mildew resistant. 

Kashi Kirti (VRBOG- 63-02) – Fruits are inexperienced, small, and cylindrical (Gutka sort). Downy mildew resistant. It’s early maturing and excessive yielding over the examine selection. Appropriate for distant advertising and marketing and transportation as a result of higher post-harvest life. 

Pusa Summer season Prolific Lengthy – Excessive yielding selection launched from Indian Agricultural Analysis Station, Pusa, New Delhi. The fruits are 1.5-2 ft lengthy and are eaten immaturely. 

Step 2: Soil requirement for getting excessive crop yield

Natural sandy loam with good drainage and pH ranges from 6.5 to 7.5, which is appropriate for Gourd cultivation. This crop wants reasonable heat temperatures. For Bottle Gourd cultivation, well-prepared soil combined with natural fertilizer. It is going to present high-quality greens.

Step 3: Propagation methodology for extra vegetable manufacturing

About 45 days after sowing the seed, the crops develop and attain the stage the place the flowers start to develop. Each feminine and male flowers are produced. The feminine flowers in Bottle Gourd may have small fruits hooked up to them, and the male flowers is not going to have one. Pollination is crucial for good progress.

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Bottle Gourd Flower
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If the exercise of bees is excessive, then pollination will likely be an increasing number of fruits will likely be produced. Within the absence of bee exercise, rubbing female and male flowers collectively and sharpening them by hand helps to supply some fruit. It is going to give outcomes if the bees are stored near the plant. Sprinkling water with sugar or jaggery can entice bees, which can assist in pollination.

Step 4: Planting and website choice for Bottle Gourd farming

Bottle Gourd just isn’t fussy about soil – a much less fertile plot is an asset as a result of it limits the vine power – however it appreciates moisture-retaining soil in scorching, dry climate due to a big a part of the leaves. Within the scorching solar, dehydration happens quickly. Ideally, fill a trench with half-rotten leaf mildew or coarse municipal compost the place you propose to develop Bottle Gourd in early spring, simply as you’ll put together a trench for runner beans. You should utilize previous potting compost from final season’s container crops or hanging baskets.

The most effective place to develop Bottle Gourd is in full solar, protected against robust winds. Like Bottle Gourds, they have to be began indoors and transplanted when all the danger of frostbite has handed. Harden the crops as quickly as they’ve two or three true leaves, as they are going to rapidly come out of the window, and plant when the surface temperature is scorching sufficient. Don’t fear if there are some chilly nights proper after the transplant. Simply cowl the younger crops in a single day with gardening wool or newspaper. Vegetation that take root are amazingly immune to chilly.

Step 5: Water requirement for extra plant progress

Examine the soil a few times a day for moisture loss. If it feels dry and it’s time to water. A wholesome Bottle Gourd plant wants water evenly so the soil doesn’t dry out. Correct watering through the rising season encourages the flowering and fruiting of the plant. If not watered correctly, plant manufacturing will likely be weak. 

Step 6: Drip irrigation for top yield crop manufacturing

Set up drip system with drainage fundamental and sub-main pipes and place inline lateral tubes at 1.5m intervals. Place the drapers at 60 and 50 cm intervals with 4LPH and three.5LPH capacities, respectively. As a summer time crop, Gourds want extra irrigation at brief intervals. Drip irrigation techniques may also help preserve water, enhance water use effectivity, and scale back the necessity for irrigation with increased productiveness.

As a wide-distance crop, drip irrigation is economical because the crop yield by way of this method is about 48% increased than the yield obtained by way of ferro irrigation. This irrigation methodology is necessary in bettering the economic system in areas with restricted water assets. 

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 Bottle Gourd Farming
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Step 7: Seed charge and seed therapy for top productiveness

A few 2 kg seed charge is enough for one acre of land. The seeds are handled with [email protected]% by 3gm / kg to guard seeds from soil-borne fungus.

Step 8: Germination course of to get extra Bottle Gourd yield

Bottle Gourd seeds are gradual in germination; relying on soil temperature, it might take 7 to 25 days to germinate. You may soak the Bottle Gourd seeds in water in a single day to hurry up germination. Use solely seeds that go underneath the soaking bowl. When the seeds begin to develop, and the crops develop to 2-3 leaves, transplant them within the final place.

Eliminate weak crops. (In colder components of america, plant the seeds in small pots and hold them indoors within the warmest a part of the home. When the danger of frostbite is gone, take the child crops outdoors, perhaps in mid-Might.) 

Step 9: Suggestions for rising Bottle Gourd from seed

  • It’s straightforward to develop by sowing seeds all 12 months spherical. The summer time and monsoon seasons are finest to plant Bottle Gourd seeds. Purchase Bottle Gourd seeds on-line. 
  • Bottle Gourd seeds are sown in small pits or on excessive beds germinating in 7-8 days. It grows very quick and rapidly turns into a climber’s behavior. 
  • It’s important to put in robust trellis help that have to be constructed for the climber to develop. Many gardeners enable the plant to maneuver on the bottom or climb poles or roofs. 
  • Fill the rising factors of the younger plant with branches. Facet shoots will primarily produce separate female and male flowers within the second month. After pollination, the females have small Gourds underneath the flowers. 
  • If too many male flowers exist, some might be eliminated. 

Step 10: Set up trellis for plant help

 If you wish to practice vines to climb, put a trellis close to the mound. Trellis helps management your vines and helps dry out your Bottle Gourds on the finish of the rising season. Use wooden or PVC trellis along with your Bottle Gourds as a result of it must help the burden of the fruit when it reaches full measurement. Ensure that one of many posts is with a mound so you may simply tie the vines to it. You don’t have to make use of trails when you don’t wish to.

To guard the Gourd, unfold 2–3-inch (5.1–7.6 cm) layers of mulch across the base of the mound as they are going to be on the bottom. The bottom just isn’t lined with vines. Bottle Gourds might be trailed on the pandals or the bottom. The pandals are the most typical trailing system. For this, a 1.5-meter-high venue is erected utilizing bamboo poles, wood poles, GI pipes, or different robust supplies when the crops begin rolling.

Metal wires/strings, ideally used to attach rust-coated supplies equivalent to plastics, and with which coir or plastic ropes are tied cross-linked in order that the horizontal coir/plastic. The ropes run upwards to type a internet. The vines are supported by a bamboo pole, which helps the vine to climb freely and attain the highest. Alternatively, Bottle Gourds might be trailed on the bottom with out spreading the twigs on the bottom and erecting a pandal. 

Step 11: Causes for Bottle Gourd vine fail to supply flowers

Generally the Bottle Gourd vine doesn’t give a lot or the feminine flowers and fruits. To develop flowers, you may minimize the rising ends of the branches when they’re about 3 ft (1 meter) lengthy. New progress will produce extra flowers. Nitrogen fertilizers produce leaves with only a few flowers. Add phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to the vine to supply extra flowers. 

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 Bottle Gourd Plant
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Step 12: Weed management for extra Bottle Gourd plant progress

To regulate weeds, 2-3 hoeings are required within the early phases of plant progress. Weeding operations are carried out on the time of fertilizer utility. Earth up can also be an efficient method to do it within the wet season. Apply weeding and raking of the soil on the time of fertilizer utility. Earthing up is completed within the wet season. Hand or hoe weeding might be minimize as required. Mulching is often used for raised beds of Bottle Gourd crops. Use natural mulch relying on availability. Mulch might be utilized earlier than or after transplanting and after sowing. 

Step 13: Coaching and pruning for bettering yield 

To enhance pruning yields, take away the lateral branches till the runner reaches the highest of the paths. Go away 4-6 liters and minimize off the tip of the principle runner for preliminary pruning. Eradicating the background branches within the first ten nodes positively impacts the full yield. With out pruning the plant, most feminine flowers are between the tenth and fortieth nodes or on the top of 0.5-2.0 m. As Bottle Gourd grows properly, correct coaching and pruning are helpful.

Coaching crops for elbows helps to faucet daylight extra effectively and yields as much as 80 tons per hectare. The axial buds of the rising vines needs to be eliminated till the grapes attain their top. When the vine reaches the bower, the apical bud is eliminated 10-15 cm beneath the elbow in order that 2 or 3 branches unfold on the bower. After 4-5 fruits are fashioned, the vines are re-pruned, permitting 2-3 axial buds to develop solely on the principle vines. Eradicating all yellow and pale-colored previous leaves close to the underside can also be advisable. 

Step 14: Pests, weeds, and ailments management for extra plant progress

Bottle Gourd is comparatively problem-free, though slugs are keen on younger crops. Mature leaves have a particular scent and lightness that repels bugs. Like all cactus, they’re accountable for powdery mildew in scorching, humid climate with dry roots and scorching, humid air. If fungus develops, common watering of the roots and removing of probably the most affected leaves usually helps, as is seaweed meals, to enhance the plant’s immune system.

In chilly, moist climate, the furry leaves entice moisture and might trigger grey rot or rot: once more, take away probably the most affected leaves, skinny the twigs or maximize air across the crops. Practice them far and large to supply circulation. Bottle Gourd’s overgrown progress destroys all of the weeds of their path and different extra fascinating crops, so cease them by reducing or tying the tendrils every week. 

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 Bottle Gourd
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Step 15: Necessities to develop Bottle Gourd in pots/containers 

Bottle Gourds might be simply grown in giant baggage or 14-inch containers. Earlier than sowing the seeds, fill the container with a mix of good-quality pots. The natural vegetable combine is the largest progress complement for Bottle Gourd. Be sure to develop just one plant in every container. Pour a superb high quality combination into the pot earlier than sowing. It’s ​​the most effective nourishing sources for Bottled Gourds. Develop one plant per container.

Step 16: Bottle Gourd plant care

Bitter Gourd needs to be grown in open and sunny locations. Put together the plant with a thick layer of cocoa peat on the highest gown and well-decomposed manure in equal components. Repeat 2-3 occasions through the rising season. The Bottle Gourd plant wants loads of water to develop. It wants loads of moisture on a regular basis. The fixed stopping and pinching of the climber guarantee a really devoted and quick plant. 

Step 17: Fertilizers and manure for good plant progress

For good plant progress, it is very important present ample vitamins. Every comprises natural micronutrients. Use it as directed. Bottle Gourd requires extra phosphorus and potassium fertilizer than nitrogen. Bottle Gourds want nitrogen to develop properly, however extra nitrogen will encourage extra leaves as a substitute of fruit. NPK fertilizer might be utilized within the ratio of 6:10:10 or 4: 8: 5.

Earlier than planting, add about 20 grams to the soil for every plant. Feed with liquid manure or comfrey tea fertilizer each two weeks. The quantity of fertilizer and manure required to develop a wholesome Bottle Gourd crop relies on the kind of soil, the cultivation season, and the rising space’s weather conditions. It isn’t straightforward to be particular concerning the fertilizer advice because the Gourd cultivation system varies from area to area.

Within the rising farming system and in areas the place pit sowing is the most typical follow, area fertilizer is utilized in trenches and pits, respectively. Every pit comprises 2 to three kg of agricultural fertilizer combined properly. A small quantity of farmyard manure can also be utilized at this stage. It may also be supplemented with phosphatic and potassic fertilizers. One other dose of nitrogen fertilizer is utilized to every plant, adopted by weeding and hoeing.

In instances the place crops are grown in polythene baggage for early manufacturing, the beds are ready at a distance of two.0 to 2.5 meters. Then a small quantity of soil is faraway from the ready pits at a distance of 60-75 cm on both aspect of the raised mattress. Combine one kg of well-digested crop fertilizer, roughly 15-20 g of Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN), 25-30 grams of Single Tremendous Phosphate, and 15-20 grams of Muriate Potash in every pit and blend completely.

One other dose of nitrogen (7-8 grams of urea per plant) is given to the plant within the early phases of crop improvement. Nonetheless, the fertilizer quantity varies with the soil sort and the vine’s progress. This course of saves a substantial quantity of fertilizer, making it one of the economical for farmers. 

Step 18: Pests and ailments management to extend productiveness

In scorching, humid climate, powdery mildew could be a drawback in Bottle Gourd. If mildew seems, take away contaminated leaves. Make sure the Bottle Gourd plant has good air circulation and correct drainage to keep away from mildew and decay. 

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 Bottle Gourd Harvest
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  • Mites: Spray Dicofol 18.5% SC by 2.5 ml in water.
  • Aphid: Spray with loads of Imidacloprid @ 0.5ml / liter together with a enough variety of stickers equivalent to Teepol, Triton X100, and many others., for higher adhesion and protection. 
  • Beetles, fruit flies, and caterpillars – Beetles, fruit flies, and caterpillars might be managed with a twig of Malathion 50 EC 1 ml/liter or Dimethoate 30 EC 1 ml/liter or Methyl Demeton 25 EC 1 ml/liter. Don’t use copper and sulfur mud as they’re phytotoxic. 
  • Powdery mildew – Powdery mildew might be managed with a Dinocap 1ml / liter spray, Carbendazim 0.5 grams/liter, or Tridemorph l ml /liter. 
  • Downy mildew – Downy mildew might be managed with a twig of Mancozeb or Chlorothalonil 2 g per liter. Twice at 10-day intervals. 

Step 19: Harvesting Bottle Gourd ideas for extra crop yield

It ought to begin flowering inside 25-30 days of planting. The Gourd produces white flowers, about 4 inches in diameter. Bottle Gourds seem inside 40-50 days of planting. When younger and gentle, 15-18 cm tall, decide Bottle Gourd from anyplace and hold selecting to supply new fruit. They are going to be refrigerated in a salad tray for a few week to 10 days however will likely be eaten recent. It is extremely necessary to reap Bottle Gourds on the proper time.

When the Gourd begins to vary coloration or flip yellow, it’s time to harvest it. It’s best to be capable of pierce your nails in it simply. Prune a Bottle Gourd with at the very least an inch of stem hooked up. If the fruit is just too exhausting and you may’t pierce your nails in it, it’s overripe and never appropriate for cooking however good for adornment. Ripe Bottle Gourds are good for making seeds, which can be utilized to develop Bottle Gourds subsequent 12 months. 

Step 20: Bottle Gourd yield per acre

The typical yield is between 150-200 quintals/acre. An important elements influencing crop yield are soil fertility, seed choice, water availability, local weather, and ailments or pests.

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