Begin Dates Farming in UAE from Scratch: A Step-by-Step Information for Inexperienced persons

Dates are grown in sizzling, humid, and dry climates. Dates are native to Center Japanese nations and Africa as a result of the temperatures in these areas help their development. Within the United Arab Emirates, dates are a major fruit crop and occupy the nation’s largest portion of complete arable land. The nation’s arid local weather helps the manufacturing of dates and has made UAE the highest 10 date producers on the planet. Round 55 species and 160 varieties are grown on greater than 44 million date palm bushes.

How to Start Dates Farming in UAE from Scratch
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Cultivation and buying and selling of date and date palms have helped UAE obtain vital financial development. The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan had given a substantial push to the cultivation of dates, and he had taken ample measures to increase the realm of date farms past the oasis the place they had been historically grown. The nation is now taking a number of steps to increase the date farms additional and enhance manufacturing by offering the farmers with fashionable applied sciences and equipment.

begin Dates farming in UAE from scratch

Significance of dates in Arabic Tradition

  • Dates are the one supply of survival since dates may be saved for an prolonged interval after harvest. Dates supplied nomadic Arabian folks with the required diet for sustaining well being and offering power. One of many methods by which the nomadic folks preserved date was by making date syrup/dips (often known as date honey)
  • Cultivation of date was a supply of livelihood for Native Bedouin tribes
  • You possibly can put together glowing date juices and non-alcoholic variations of date champagne
  • Dates are talked about within the Holy Guide of the Quran 22 occasions, and it’s believed that dates had been Prophet Mohammed’s favourite meals

Well being Advantages of Dates

Consuming dates has quite a few well being advantages because it has a lot diet. In line with the Arabic folks, consuming seven dates day by day makes an individual wholesome.

  • Each recent and dried dates have excessive dietary content material. Dates are stuffed with minerals, potassium, nutritional vitamins, and antioxidants. Medina/Khalsa dates are particularly wealthy in antioxidants and assist scale back stress and nervousness.
  • Dates are good for managing blood sugar and blood strain. Dates have a low glycemic index and excessive fiber content material, reducing the speed at which carbohydrates are absorbed, thereby stopping blood sugar spikes.
  • Dates assist in boosting mind exercise and performance. In adults, dates assist in stopping Alzheimer’s. For kids, dates enhance their reminiscence and studying velocity as a result of it accommodates choline.
  • Dates have excessive fiber content material; therefore they enhance digestive well being.
  • Date palm seed paste is used for treating pores and skin allergic reactions and ague.
  • Extracts from the date palm roots assist in curing toothache.
  • Dates assist preserve bone mass by reducing the amount extracted from the kidney.

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Dates Tree
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Quite a few Different makes use of of Date Palm Bushes

  • Date palm leaves are used for making mats, followers, and baskets.
  • Date palm leaves are additionally used as a fencing materials for making rooftops in conventional/mud homes.
  • Date leaves have a excessive conversion price due to which they can be utilized for making biofuel
  • Date pits comprise sure components which assist in eradicating chemical compounds from water.
  • Dry date palm leaves are used for making brooms.
  • The palm tree’s stalk is agency and used for making flooring and roofs in conventional/mud homes.
  • The date palm oil is used within the beauty business to make soaps and different magnificence merchandise like eyeliner, kajal, and so forth
  • The date seed can be utilized as feed for rooster, horses, sheep, and cattle.

Varieties of Date bushes grown within the United Arab Emirates

There are greater than 44 million palm bushes which might be present in the whole nation. The federal government is taking measures to increase the cultivation space and the amount of dates produced. The federal government is encouraging the farmers to make use of the newest expertise to develop dates. Quite a few styles of dates are cultivated within the nation; nevertheless, few varieties are cultivated extra since they’re native and don’t require excessive upkeep. A number of the most generally grown date palm varieties are:

Phoenix Varieties Date Palms (Fruit Bearing Plant)

Phoenix selection date palm is mostly discovered within the area as a result of they’ll tolerate warmth and shortly adapt to the local weather. The bushes can take a top of as much as 20 meters and have huge and thick trunks, however they take round ten years to completely mature and bear fruits

Canary Island Date Palms (Decorative Tree)

Canary Island Date Palm is the tallest date palm used primarily for ornamentation or deliberate landscaping. The trunk of those date palm bushes is tough and has pinnate leaves with pointed ends.

Pygmy Date Palms (Decorative Tree)

This number of date palms is simple to domesticate and is small in top. They attain a most top of 10 toes. These date bushes are grown close to water resources- both alongside the river or water basins as a result of they want extra water than different varieties. These bushes are additionally unsafe to plant in public locations as a result of their leaves have spines. This selection is especially used for decorative functions. It bears fruit after a minimal of 5 years.

Different forms of date palm grown within the nation

Lulu, Chichi, Hallawi, Sultana, Khadraoui, AbouMaan, Khissab, Nabut Saif, Khallas, Barhi, and so forth.

Several types of dates discovered within the United Arab Emirates

  • Khola: These dates are caramel flavored and have a clean pores and skin
  • Fard: These dates have darkish maroon pores and skin and comprise no fats and ldl cholesterol. These dates additionally assist in weight reduction.
  • Lulu: These dates are darkish brown and juicy. These have considerably much less sugar content material. 
  • Baumann: These dates are helpful to deal with upset stomachs and are sometimes used as a snack substitute.
  • Khadrawi: These are brown oval-shaped dates. These have excessive magnesium, copper, and selenium content material and are excellent for bone well being.
  • Razaiz: These are medium-sized dates and have a balanced taste. These dates are low in diabetes-causing dates.

Steps for going to start out palm cultivation

Authorized necessities for finishing up farming within the United Arab Emirates

Any new entrepreneur who needs to hold out the farming exercise (whether or not cultivation actions, buying and selling of agriculture-related merchandise, offering agriculture consultancy, finishing up the set up of greenhouse companies, and so forth.) within the nation first must receive an agricultural license from the related authority. The farmer’s agriculture license utility have to be submitted to the ‘Division of Financial Growth (DED). A number of the paperwork which might be required to be submitted to acquire the license:

  • A accomplished utility kind.
  • Articles of incorporation (if needed).
  • Passport copies for all shareholders.
  • Temporary descriptions of meant enterprise actions.

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Along with acquiring an agriculture license, having a UAE residency visa is obligatory for any agricultural exercise. In case of rising dates organically, it’s essential to get a affirmation from the ‘Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA). Then, ESMA conducts a Conformity Evaluation; after that, solely the brand new entrepreneur can obtain the certificates.

The common price for opening an natural farm in UAE can vary anyplace from AED 10,000-AED to 30,000. This price is incurred just for finishing fundamental authorized necessities and excludes different prices equivalent to land, equipment, and extra uncooked materials prices.

Preparation of land for rising Dates

The date palm tree requires more room to develop than different vegetation. At the least a radius of round 5 toes needs to be stored between two bushes as a result of the plant’s roots unfold horizontally (top) and vertically (deep down within the soil). The common dimension of a palm tree is between 60-80 toes, and the common width is between 20-40 toes. Due to this fact, making a round small mud wall division (excessive sufficient) to carry the water so the plant can develop quicker is crucial. The mud border additionally helps in defending the plant from grass and weeds.  

The pit wherein the plant will probably be planted needs to be round two occasions the basis dimension. Within the United Arab Emirates, the farmers engaged in rising dates usually don’t develop it from the seeds however as a substitute purchase mature date bushes due to the next causes:

  • At the least one male and one feminine date plant are required to develop dates. If the farmer begins to develop the tree with the seeds, he will be unable to establish the female and male bushes except they’re grown. The bought seedlings/tree are minimize from the prevailing tree in order that the gender is understood.
  • A date palm tree will bear fruit solely after changing into totally mature. It takes 4 to eight years for the plant to develop and bear fruits. The farmers purchase these tree cutouts to deliver the advantages of accelerating date palm.
  • If the bushes are planted utilizing seeds, then it’s important to keep in mind that required (no more/not much less) care is taken. With out wanted upkeep, the kernel will die, and the farmer’s assets may even go waste. Typically, the seed can sprout itself inside 14-21 days.

Weather conditions 

The date palm requires a sizzling and humid local weather to develop (the place the nights are additionally heat). A temperature of at the very least 20 levels Fahrenheit is required for the plant to develop. Nevertheless, it may additionally survive at temperatures round 120 levels and in areas the place the rainfall is under 3 inches per 12 months. The palm requires a median temperature of round 95 levels Fahrenheit to pollinate.

Soil necessities

The plant is drought resistant and therefore can survive in arid situations of the deserts. Sandy, loamy, clayey, and saline soil with a Ph stage anyplace between 7 to 12 is ideal for plant development. Nevertheless, the farmer ought to take into account that soil doesn’t have any arduous particles since it can hinder the event of the plant roots. Moreover, the bottom ought to maintain the moisture and permit the water to empty at a reasonable velocity. Puddles of water shouldn’t be shaped as a result of it hampers the expansion of the bushes.

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Dates Farming
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Water necessities

Earlier than planting and instantly after instilling the date palm, it’s important to water the plant in order that the water is absorbed and reaches the tree’s roots. As well as, watering the plant at this stage helps take away the air bubbles within the soil. Watering the tree through the preliminary two weeks of plantation is crucial to carry the plant firmly within the soil. As soon as the plant has shaped its grip, the farmer ought to regularly scale back watering to round 2-3 occasions every week. Earlier than watering the tree once more, the water on the soil’s floor ought to dry out.

The plant may be watered 1 or 2 occasions a month within the winter. Nevertheless, in sizzling climate, a single plant requires round 300 liters of water; this helps the plant in surviving in excessive temperatures. It is very important keep in mind that overwatering and underwatering the palm tree will finally kill the plant. The date palm needs to be watered through the day in order that the water pool across the tree isn’t shaped. Elements equivalent to climate and quantity of rainfall needs to be stored in thoughts when watering the plant.

Including vitamins to the soil

Like all the opposite bushes, date palm bushes additionally require a certain quantity of vitamins to develop quicker. Due to this fact, the farmer ought to add vitamins to the soil relying on the soil kind and elements of the earth. Including fertilizers two occasions a 12 months is ample to soak up the vitamins current within the fertilizer totally.

One of the best time to use vitamins to the tree is after the winter season (when the local weather begins getting hotter) to obtain the required vitamins through the rising season. Making use of date palm fertilizer is the perfect to make use of because it accommodates vitamins particular to the date palm. The fertilizer used for date palm ought to have at the very least 1-2% magnesium and iron and comprise small portions of zinc, copper, and boron.


The date palm can both be male or feminine. The male tree produces the pollens, and the flowers are grown within the feminine bushes. Due to this fact, transferring the pollens from the male tree to the feminine tree is crucial to develop date fruit. Nevertheless, the pollens from the male tree are usually not naturally transferred from winds or birds (birds are usually not drawn to the date palm flowers); therefore they must be hand pollinated.

Within the United Arab Emirates, the date farmers go up the feminine bushes and tie the pollens from the male tree between the flowers for the fruit to develop. In bigger date farms, the pollen is planted between flowers utilizing machines. The date farmer ought to be sure that some smaller fruits needs to be faraway from the bushes earlier than they’re ripe.

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A palm tree usually ages 4-8 years to mature and bear fruits. Within the UAE, flowering happens between February and April, and harvesting is finished in August and September. Due to this fact, the farmer ought to commonly examine the tree till harvest and apply fertilizers if required. The dates are able to be plucked once they grow to be brown and gentle. Every year a palm tree can produce round 200 kilos of date fruit.

Identification of pests and illnesses

The date bushes are prone and vulnerable to quite a few illnesses and pest assaults. These pests and illnesses can hurt the plant badly if they don’t seem to be handled promptly. A number of the widespread issues and situations which assault the date palm bushes are:

Crimson Palm Weevil Pest
  • Description: This pest is difficult to establish at an early stage. Because the pest spreads, it begins rotting the bushes. The widespread signs of Crimson Palm Weevil Pest are seen boreholes from which brownish fluid comes out.
  • Remedy/ Prevention: Steady monitoring of the date palm tree is the one answer to guard the tree from this pest
Deadly Yellowing:
  • Description: This illness impacts the plant in phases and is attributable to the Phytoplasma organism. This illness can have an effect on many palm bushes because it spreads from planthoppers. Widespread signs of the illness are wilting flowers, leaves turning yellow, pre-mature drops of fruits, and so forth.
  • Remedy /Prevention: In non-severe circumstances, root injections might help cease the illness from spreading. Nevertheless, in extreme circumstances, it’s higher to take away the plant
Fusarium Wilt
  • Description: This illness is attributable to Fusarium oxysporum fungus. The widespread signs of this illness are discolored and wilted fronds. This illness has no remedy; nevertheless, farmers can take prevention to save lots of the plant from this illness.
  • Preventive measures equivalent to watering and fertilizing the tree with the correct quantity (neither extra nor much less) and making use of pesticides that comprise thiophanate-methyl may be achieved
Leaf Spot Illness
  • Description: The leaf spot illness is a bacterial and fungal an infection the place spots seem on the leaf. These spots appear to be water-soaked spots and alter shade (yellow, black, gray, or brown). This illness can destroy the look of the tree and the fruit.
  • Remedy/Prevention: Copper-based fungicidal sprays can be utilized to deal with the illness. If the date is consumed, solely copper fungicides needs to be used. Moreover, the farmer can take away the contaminated frond. To stop the illness from spreading, irrigate the palm tree within the morning in order that they don’t stay moist the whole night time.

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Ganoderma Butt Rots
  • Description: That is probably the most harmful illness attributable to Ganoderma fungus. This fungus can assault each indoor and out of doors palm bushes. This fungus prevents water transport to the stem, and the roots rot. The commonest signs of the illness are weekend trunks, rotted roots, yellow or pale inexperienced leaves, gorgeous new development, trunk producing a hole sound when tapped, and so forth.
  • Remedy/Prevention: Ganoderma pathogens can survive within the soil; therefore no new bushes needs to be grown close to the affected space
  1. Different customary date palm illnesses are Diplodia Illness, Bending Head Illness, Black Scorch Illness, Pink Rot, Sooty Mould, and so forth.


To summarize, the local weather within the United Arab Emirates is ideal for rising date palms as a result of it has cultural and financial significance. The cultivation of date vegetation has helped the UAE economic system to develop by leaps and bounds. The nation’s rulers are taking a number of steps to extend the manufacturing of dates. This text particulars all the mandatory steps any new entrepreneur ought to bear in mind earlier than rising date bushes.

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